This mixed-use residential and services development with an underground garage is located on Dąbrowskiego Street in Krakow. The underground section houses a garage with forty parking spaces, technical facilities, and residents’ cellars. On the ground floor there are four commercial outlets with social facilities. On the ground floor, first floor and second
floor there are 58 apartments ranging in size from 24 m2 to 72 m2. The architectural solutions employed ensure ease of access for the disabled, in particular for wheelchair users.


The front Dąbrowskiego Street façade features regularly spaced dormers rising from the attic, with doors onto small terraces. Similarly, the rear also has dormers serving as attics giving onto terraces. The materials used for the façades include natural stone in three shades of grey (the front façade), white plaster, and double-locked steel plate in a graphite colour. All the aesthetic materials contribute to harmonising the development with the heritage buildings in
the neighbourhood. The use of natural stone on the front façade helps to preserve the architectural style of the historical fabric of the Podgórze District. The front façade has been divided into a system of smaller architectural forms (houses) with recessed walls, as well as differentiated materials and colours, in order to avoid the impression of a horizontal building, and to create a rhythm of houses similar in size to the neighbouring buildings.

At the rear, balconies and loggias are planned, secured with balustrades at a height of 1.1 m.
Apartments without terraces or balconies are furnished with French windows secured with an
external balustrade up to a height of 1.1 m.


Total floorage: 4 919,88 m2

Usable area of the apartments: 3 165,53 m2

Number of apartments: 62

Number of storeys: 1 + 3

08 December 2017



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