The investment is situated on Pachońskiego Street in Krakow. The building is the first of five planned on the Prądnik Nowy Estate. It features a garage for 81 cars, residents’ cellars, and technical rooms, as well as eight over-ground storeys with 96 apartments of various sizes. A pram storage area has been planned for residents on the ground floor. All the apartments have balconies, except the ground-floor apartments, which open onto small gardens. On the roof there are two shared green terraces. Vertical access in the building is via three staircases, as well as elevators. The garage ramp, 17 additional parking spaces, and entrances to the building are located on the north side. To the east, south, and west there are gardens, balconies and glazed areas. The façade has been designed as a composition of mutually contrasting surfaces in grey and white.


Total floorage: 7 516,08 m2

Usable area of the apartments: 4 618,75 m2

Number of apartments: 96

Number of storeys: 1 + 8

08 December 2017



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