This apartment complex is situated on Czarodziejska Street in Krakow. It includes four residential buildings of our storeys each, housing 27 apartments (including split-level apartments). The whole project is built over a shared underground garage offering 44 parking spaces. The structural layout of the buildings minimises the number of pillars and internal loadbearing walls, which offers significant freedom when designing the interior of individual
apartments. The buildings feature extensive glazed surfaces to maximise light to the interior. Sections of all the buildings’ façades are finished with natural stone. The large, wide balconies on the repeating storeys, as well as terraces on the top floor harmonise well with the surrounding greenery. Dębnicki Park is soon to be established nearby. On each floor there are just two or three apartments, which contributes to the cosy nature of the investment.


Inwestor: CZARODZIEJSKA Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa
Construction time: October 2013 - November 2014


Usable area of the apartments:
Building A: 861,13 m2
Building B: 918,16 m2
Building C: 946,66 m2
Building D: 902,14 m2
Number of apartments: 27
Number of storeys: 1 + 4


30 September 2016



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