This residential block is located on Rydlówka Street in Krakow. The building features seven over-ground storeys. The building structure is compact, with a trapezoid layout. On the ground floor there are service outlets accessible from the street, for which attractive glazing has been envisaged. The lowest storey is occupied by the underground garage and residents' cellars. In the residential part there are 37 apartments in total, with six or seven units on each floor. The top floor comprises two penthouses. The terrace flooring on the first and seventh floors is made of exotic wood. The building has a flat roof, with strongly protruding cornices extending over the ground floor and the fifth and sixth floors.


Investor : Spółka Mieszkaniowa IDOL Sp. z o.o.
Costruction time: maj 2007 - czerwiec 2008


Total floorage: 3 889,54 m2

Usable area of the apartments: 2 862,66 m2

Number of apartments: 37

Number of storeys: 1 + 7

30 September 2016



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